Welcome to MUCATEX!

Director and Scientific Leader

Leonid I. Ponomarev

Research Coordinative Center on the Problem of  Muon Catalyzed Fusion and Exotic Quantum Systems

Address: MUCATEX, ul. Rogova 9-2, Moscow 123098, RUSSIA

Tel: +7 (095) 947-2790,  947-2817; FAX: +7 (095) 947-2787; E-mail: leonid@mucatex.msk.ru

Scope of Activity

MUCATEX is an organization for coordination of research carried out by Russian institutions and individual scientists in Russian and international programs on the problem of the Muon Catalyzed Fusion (mCF) and related studies in atomic, molecular, nuclear, and computational physics.

Main Objectives of MUCATEX

MUCATEX Structure

MUCATEX is a public organization working in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and its own Charter. It is established by RRC "Kurchatov Institute" and works under supervision of Russian Academy of Sciences.

MUCATEX is ruled by the Director and the International Scientific Board. R&D performed by MUCTEX are carried out in the wide Collaboration of Russian and foreign institutes.

Brief History