Order & Regulations of travel support granting

Travel support is realised within framework of the State Research and Technology Program "High Energy Physics" (Head - A.N.Skrinsky) and "Fundamental Nuclear Physics" (Head - M.V.Danilov ), which are under auspice of the Russian Federation State Committee of Science and Technologies.

Because of limited volume of this funding and standard condition that it can be alloted to a person once a year as well as condition that supporting person is working in the field adjacent to sphere of "High Energy Physycs" and "Fundamental Nuclear Physics" programs, coordinating and control from NPD RAS side looks inevitable, despite our aversion of such functions.

Thus the procedure consists of:
- annual requesting of all our scientific institutions to email to NPD their list of events, they are interested in,
- as well as their nominees ordered in priority.
- Using these data NPD forms full list of possible participants according to which we apply to Organizing Committees of chosen conferences.

Committees then tries (or not) to find possible financial support inside country of the conference and inform us of the possible quota. (There appears of course a number of "free lance" applicants on whom Organizing Committee takes his own care.)

Travel support (only international airfare) to some few number of other conferences (not included in the list of conferenses) is also possible under condition that person independently has got local support from Organizing Committee of a conference and that the talk is concerned with the field of High Enerhy Physics or Fundamental Nuclear Physics.

Note! Personal requests about travel support need to be sent to Nuclear Physics Department via your Institute directorate (usualy via scientific secretary).

We consider the way we've chosen the most objective and democratic (for the time beeing) because a great number of scientists from different institutions are involved.